Concrete, but not as you know it.

Born out of wonderment, HeyConcrete explores the unlimited fresh possibilities this ancient material hides in its imperfections.

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Turn your imagination into reality

We do not hesitate to go beyond the basics and rebrand the industrial concrete as a luxurious material that balances artistry and technique, design and engineering.


Supported by state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and a growing skilled team of craftsmen, the “HEY” version of concrete is both super-strong and aesthetically pleasing adding an organic soul to spaces (interior or exterior). In the industry for the past six years, we use a self-developed ultra high performance concrete (H-UHPC) to create easy-on-the-eye, unmissable concrete offerings.


Each step of the process is done by hand and watched over by attentive eyes. From the very beginning till packaging, a dedicated team takes part in the process of mixing, molding, grinding, selecting and treating the panels before they get to leave the factory. We’re here to change your perception about concrete by creating a gray something that evolves with you.

Management's Message

Concrete, as an aesthetically appealing element, has been an integral part of countless architectural marvels globally. Although a big section of architects and designers, in spite of their unconditional love for concrete, hesitate to get it casted on site because of multiple confinements due to lack of skilled labor and technical experts. Our vision behind HEY CONCRETE is to create something as a replacement for this time-consuming and laborious process. Our products not only jacket the buildings with a properly exposed concrete look but also make it convenient for the laymen.


Use of Ultra High Performance Concrete (H-UHPC)

our version is reinforced with high-density fiber with much higher flexural and tensile strength than regular concrete making it apt for thin wall panels. It has negligible emissions and provides great fire resistance.


We are using a formulation that consists of traditional elements of concrete that is cement plus different aggregates, sand, natural pigments, and water. H-UHPC is a lightweight, durable material that can be casted into endless shapes, colors, and textures. The low component weight allows savings in handling, transportation, installation, and in the supporting building frame.