Concrete, but not
as you know it.


Exposed concrete within
your convenience.


Ultra high performance concrete.


Turn your imagination
into reality.


Concrete Panels.

Just when you thought concrete is all about grey, niche, peculiar, one- dimensional, and bold, we added cool to it.
Born out of wonderment, HeyConcrete explores the unlimited fresh possibilities this ancient material hides in its imperfections. That's why, we do not hesitate to go beyond the basics and rebrand the industrial concrete as a luxurious material that balances artistry and technique, design and engineering. Supported by state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and a growing skilled team of craftsmen, the "HEY" version of concrete is both super-strong and aesthetically pleasing adding an organic soul to spaces (interior or exterior).

What makes us unique.


Our self-developed mix makes the material flexible enough to cast folded panels, which can highlight your walls like never before. Designed and manufactured through a special process that makes them lightweight and extremely convenient to install. Customization, being our key USP, enables us to create your desired surfaces by playing with forms, textures, colors and dimensions.


Product & variety
of customizations
to choose from


Sq.ft. manufacturing
facility which is
India's biggest

What our clients say.

Working with HEY CONCRETE was such an unparalleled experience. Kudos to the team who carved my imagination on the primary wall of the VILVAH STORE. Seeing the leaves engraved on concrete exactly as per the drawing was such a delight. Take this as an accolade guys. Brilliant work.

Ar. Sabaree Bala


Amazing experience working with 'Hey Concrete'. Their design supportive approach, promptness and dependability regarding deliverance of products, not only proto type available, but experimental as well, incorporating quality and quantity, both, are unparalleled and enable design profoundness. We endorse their work ethics and products genuinely.

Design Inc.


Nothing beats HEY CONCRETE when it comes to customization. We had some ideas for our compound walls but could not find anything which justifies the design before we discovered their Instagram page. HEY CONCRETE gives you exactly what you desire. Their assistance from the development of the design to the execution of the walls was excellent. Highly recommended.

Mr. Arun


Getting rid of a draggy and unamusing façade sometimes becomes a backbreaking task, specifically when you don’t want to disturb the structure of the building. HEY CONCRETE is certainly the rescue team in these kinds of situations. The porous textured concrete panels enhanced the aesthetics exponentially and infused life in the building. Thank you so much HEY CONCRETE.

Mr. Yash


Concealed lighting with concrete surfaces was a primary requirement for my office wall and that’s when I decided to go for the WRAP panels by HEY CONCRETE. It seldom happens that something looks better than your imagination and that’s exactly what happened here. The product quality surely deserves a special mention. I definitely could not have asked for anything better.

Dr. Vyom Bolia